Monday, February 29, 2016

Your love is enough {poem}

I love you,
in the way that
is protective
of your fragile
heart and wanting you
to see in you what I do.

I love you
as you are,
and want to nurture
your journey,
want to allow you to
see me so that you
might take what you need

and give so
sweetly back
all that you have
been yearning to give
to someone who
will love you
as I do.

But my love is not enough.

It is not enough to
release you
from your fears,
to pay off the
debts of your past,
piece by bitter piece.

It is not enough
that we are brought together,
time and again,
that three words
linger between us:
I miss you--
when we don't ever need to.

It is not enough
that without even
a sigh of movement
you can imagine
the curls falling off my
see my chin tilt towards yours
and hear
in the back of your neck
the breath that falls
from my body
when I get this close to only you.

My fingers have
traced along
your back so
often that
you could recall the lines
with your mind
and remember me there,
like you remember
that look in my eyes:
the joy of loving you.

When will you
look back with trust,
allow your heart to be
unnerved by this

When will you see
reflected in me--
instead of fighting
what you find
laugh in exquisite
to the mirrors we are,

to the lessons
we are sharing
and the potency of
our honesty?
Every repeat of us
a chance to steep
more richly in
redefine your
experience with love.

We are each others
as much as each others
Dance with me
through our regressions
and growth.
You need not wonder
at this love,
just choose it.

Trust in my
choosing you.

Let me love you darling,
and see that you are enough.

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