Thursday, August 26, 2010

We have come over the peak of the season at my restaurant. People are finished vacationing, and once school begins again, the nights will be a normal amount of busy, instead of an alarming amount of chaos. The whole summer always seems a blur at this point, but as it comes into focus i realize a few things: it was truly awful to start, only just started to be enjoyable, and i desperately want it to be over. My career and capabilities are no further along, having learned only what amount of respect and freedom of expression i need from a kitchen, and what i want out of the next years of my life.

Beginning with a move to Vancouver. I have a job with a chef who, in just the half hour we chatted, has promised me an opportunity to grow as a cook, and share myself as one too. Sure i am nervous as hell (mostly for public transit, though), but i am also desperately counting down my shifts here until i can make somewhere else my home for the winter, perhaps longer.

Monday, August 23, 2010

This is summer

i wish i had more time to write; to tell what i am growing/cooking/ talk about Crannog and Feast of confess my fear of the upcoming move to Vancouver... but instead i can only ay that i am happy, full, overwhelmingly busy, rejuvenated, contemplative, and so damn full of zucchini.

Such is my summer