Friday, July 31, 2009

Day One

I am having trouble deciding how, or where, to begin. Do I welcome you readers, hoping with a hello that you are actually there to receive it. Do I admit to my minimal ability in even operating my computer let alone running a hopefully attractive and witty blog. Do I tell you what to expect from this site, so you know whether now would be a good time to stop reading or not. Perhaps it would be easiest, to just start talking out loud. So here goes; my thoughts:

I used to write, alot. And I was good at it, or at least thats what they told me. But then I discovered, or rather acted on, my other passion. Food. And soon I had little time for anything but my culinary apprenticeship, desire to create, and vegetable obsession (I have three jobs in the field--apparently my third passion is sleep deprived busyness), so writing became less a part of my life. But I want it there again, as an outlet to share my culinary passion, experiences (and experiments), my learning and growth as a young chef-in-training, my history, my idiosyncrasies, my...boy that is alot about me. I also hope to relate to you, to hear back, to inspire and be inspired by.

Which brings me to the name of my blog: Stammatina. It means this morning in Italian, and I chose it not only because despite my clear Dutch lineage I am convinced that there is Italian blood as thick as tomato sauce running through my veins, it is in the morning that I find most of my inspiration. Be it at the market where the newest, freshest produce is displayed as edible inspiration, or the possibility for creation as I am walking into work, or more simply yet, each morning you wake begins a day so different from the last, even if I start it the same way the majority of the time.

And that start is with porridge. Good, old-fashioned, stick-to-your-ribs oats. I make a big batch, undercooked, and keep it in my fridge to reheat breakfast sizes in a pot of milk each morning, doused in honey with whatever fruit is growing or dried. It is therapy in a bowl, relaxing, nourishing, and something I look forward to every morning, rarely tiring of that creamy glop. Mmmm.

So anyways, whatever a day brings, there is a morning to start it, and start it with something you love. And this morning, I am writing to you.