Thursday, February 4, 2016

I'm loving you now {poem}

You hesitate in fear of tomorrow,looking for flaws in our love,

reasons to shelter your heart
and step away.
Be honest.
We cannot know forever
any more than we can know never.
All I have you for is right now,
so take me as I am and let me love you
in the only ways I know how,
and in every way I can be taught.
Tell me about your love,
or—better yet—show me.
Be alive.
Reach out and touch me—
our bodies intrinsically connected,
ahead of our minds
which logic their way through love.
Be curious,
Ask for what you need to know
and tell me only the richest truths.
Like neat whiskey
let me sip each bit of you,
savouring all I have come to know
and have the urgency to give back.
Be immediate.
Make love to me with your mind,
yet understand that my forehead
pressed to yours can say more
than a word—
each embrace another exquisite,
intimate detail.
Be enraptured.
Collide with me.
It does not matter where this goes,
it does not matter for how long.
I am here, my mind
and soul are naked
and as fragile as my heart may seem,
I stand strong to receive you.
If you want to love me fiercely
then take hold of me—
I’m yours.
If you want to linger
in thoughts, then I am here
with my wisdom and dreams.
Take my fingers in yours—
love without a map.
Let us evolve
into anything
mastering nothing.
Right now we have everything,
and to know of tomorrow
won’t change my love for you now.

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