Sunday, February 14, 2016

My love is safe with you {poem}

I thought that I was safe.

Thought with the mastery of
which I had protected my heart,
shielded it from love,
that you would always be
at a distance--

Close enough to feel
your vibrancy collide with mine,
far enough out of reach
to lose myself in it.

How is it now,
that I can feel so lost in
knowing myself,
while you understand
the most potent pieces of my identity.

You see the patterns,
and you feel the fear
while I still try to deny it.
While I fight off relying on it.
Isn't this love dying yet?

How can we continue to
steep more richly,
I thought each tear would dilute
my love,
instead the salted water
leaves me buoyant
in this elixir of us.

I am not safe with you.
Because however fast
and far that I run,
looking back I see you haven't followed
but met me there.
Waiting patiently,
with so much space for me,
this race is ending.

And all of what once
made me afraid,
has transformed into
the sweetest safety.

As published on Elephant Journal:

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