Tuesday, February 16, 2016

In the morning light {poem}

You and I,
drawn together again
as no amount of silence
can quiet the allure
of your soul to mine.

No amount of distance 
can lessen the 
magnetic adhesion
that leaves us a tangled mess
of familiar grips:

Our bodies entwined, 
legs and arms, each finger--
anything to hold me closer--
and thoughts stumbling,
knotting themselves with feelings

so that both are left strangled--helpless.
No words, no logic
stand a chance
in what our bodies seem all the wise to--
and our hearts?

They sigh in sweet relief that
there is another to hold them.
Yet they are gripped too,
for every time you are in my 
bed brings with it all the times before.

This is not some one night stand
but a collection of collisions.
Our story into the immediacy
of this intoxicating moment:
no room for what is next.

I know your scent,
your kiss, what makes you ache
just as intimately 
as I knew that I would find myself
lost in them again tonight.

I knew you would be here,
willed it really,
because as clear as I can be on us,
there is no place I would rather get lost in
than the workings of your soul.

There is no body I would rather
wake up next to
and wonder if every truth clouded
by sensation under the moon
would be clear in the morning light. 

There is no one I would rather 
make coffee for, drinking over 
distracted conversation
recreating the distance, convincing ourselves
that maybe we are not ever meant to know

or make rules about love.
But at least we loved
as if in the grace of the morning light
we could lose each other--
and find that we didn't. 

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