Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Your love lingers {poem}

Your love is lingering.

My imagination alone dangerously remembers—“us.”
My heart wants yours back.
To touch you with my thoughts makes my skin ache with jealousy
and my hands restless—
God how they want to run themselves up your arms,
into the sleeves of your t-shirt
tracing the contours of your shoulders, the nape of your neck,
your skin a map memorized by my fingertips.
I can catch your scent with these memories,
inhaling as if my lips were at your earlobes
and I could leave my desire there with my exhale.
Where we would have sighed together,
I sigh alone—
with memories that tease with an unkind intensity.
The love that lingers for you
is riddled with desire,
but confined to gratitude—
thankful for having had you at all
to stir up fear
and coax it into excitement.
I’m grateful for the parts of me
I wouldn’t have seen without you,
like an elixir of truth into my ability to love,
to let in—
to let go.
I’ve let my hands go from yours,
but not my heart.
Its been undone—
revealing an immense capacity to feel,
and I will collect our memories
as lessons,
as now a witness to where I
gave everything
and nothing at all
and let the repressed truths
from the depths of my being
shine for having been kissed so sweetly by your acceptance
and your love will linger in my growing to love myself
and one day—another again.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Limited love {poem}

This love is limited:

I cannot touch you when I want to,
and oh how I want to.

The distance isn’t physical—

I’m right here.

You’re right there.

My hand could find the side of your face and take the shape of your jaw,
your chin—
gaze locked in silent, knowing exchange

we stay apart.

You are there.
I am here—

only just beginning to understand
that this intangible space
is an offering:
to know each other in
ways we cannot touch—
to exceed the limits of skin,
of that darling desire,
to illuminate
the integral details of our entireties,
without lustful agenda;
to let instead truth penetrate souls that know not what it is like to prickle at a finger tip,
but to flame up at the limitlessness of being, on their own, as Love.

Published here: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/12/a-limited-love-poem/

Monday, December 7, 2015

Now, and forever {poem}

I don’t need forever with you—
just now, tonight.

Right now I don’t need anything more
than the weight of your arms
across my waist
and your skin as warm as your breath,
than the dance of our fingers,
tangling with each other’s, mine comb through your hair,
tracing gingerly down your neck,
the sides of your stomach,
watching your skin goose bump;
yours so delicate for their rough skin,
effortless across the curve of my hips—like sand caught
in gentle salty breezes.
I don’t need anything more than
to feel my back arch at your touch,
those same arms pulling me closer as if to embed my body in yours—
as if I could leave at any moment.
I won’t.
I will weave my legs with yours
and kiss your chest, your jaw,
find your lips with mine
and lose myself there—
your kisses as heavy as your questions,
your words as laced with intimacy as your
gentle tongue.
I don’t need promises of forever,
but oh is it sweet to listen to
your naked honesty.
I only need your raw truths in these moments—
to ride the confessions,
the fears,
the immediacy of every emotion—
when everything is this potent
there is no room to wonder why,
only know that
we are meant
for a forever’s worth
of nows like this.