Tuesday, March 27, 2012

vee-OG-NER and other things better drank than said...

drank? drunk?dranken? i dont know. 2 years as an English major studying courses for year 3, even 4, people (who likely had a greater clue about grammar than i did/do) and i have no idea how to speak of something in the past tense of "drink." Sipped--shall we say sipped? ha-like i "sip" wine...!

i should, especially when it is this good. Or perhaps thats why my sips become more like swigs, a drinking term most often reserved for alcohol consumed straight out the bottle--i have yet to resort to that with wine in my own home (note the specifics of terms here: i have drank/drunk/dranken wine from the bottle out of glassless necessity, but not at home where my serving wear of choice is a 250ml mason jar, tall). i should be savoring this particular Viogner (vee-OH-nnay), the 2010 vintage from Church and State Wines. It is redolent of light orange colored stone fruit--think peaches and apricots--with the slightest hint of spice that one should expect from this varietal, and a lovely bit of nuttiness that adds a lovely bit of body to an otherwise pleasantly off-dry wine. It is neither cloying nor oaky, nor particularly citrusy, yet bright and complex the way most "normal" people are (a multitude of interests and emotions, but not so much so to become personally incapable of balancing all these interests and emotions and seeking a second opinion of the self--at the cost of a psychotherapist). I have drank/drunk/dranken enough viognier these days to not only know how to pronounce it (so, great, two years post secondary and i can at least read...), but to expect its nuances, and appreciate them. But not quite enough to sip.

This was but a brief note on wine. Wine is but a brief distraction from what i should be writing about (confessing, in prose, to you and myself) about my great love of my life these days...battling my great fear of it. There is no proper pronunciation for hhhhhhhhhhooooaaaaaawwwhh...w...ww...wwwohhhh, though trying to sound-it-out aloud is just as fun as hearing new-to-wine-folk annunciate Gewurtztraminer (guh-VERTS-tra-mee-ner). Give it a shot, five Church and State Wine's Viognier a shot. Back to my mason jar.

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