Saturday, March 31, 2012

a little too ironic, dont you think?

i am quite uncomfortable with the irony occuring right at this very moment:

As i stand here writing--working on posts past, still working at that promise...-- at my window sill, snow is blowing outside. Snow.  At 9:27 pm, it is less than 3 hours from April 1st. April. At 9:27 pm, it is also less than three minutes away from the end of "earth hour," the sixy-minute, energy concious time block when people the world over turn off their lights. It is horribly ironic that in this hour of recognition for global warming the very side effects of such are occuring in plain sight. More-so ironic that although i am writing by candelight, i am in fact guzzling energy at my plugged-in-lap-top (novel idea: just unplug the damn thing...done), to write to you about how i hope that you are too in the dark (not about just how much we contribute to climate change and energy abuse, but actually, physically, in the dark...). Adding still, the song streaming from my little HP is a song chorusing "all i need is sunshine."

its all a little too ironic, dont you think?

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