Thursday, January 21, 2016

i am committed to you {poem}

I am committed to you.

God, just the thought of that
used to terrify me--
bind me in breathlessness
strangling any amount of
freedom my heart
thought it would lose
in loving only you.

Young, ignorant heart.
It knew not the vastness,
the immense capacity it has
to love--
that to give it to you
was not a limitation at all
but the purest release into loving.

It feared what it might miss out on,
who else's heart might match
its rhythm; who else's love
could seep into the contours
of its wounds--
unhealed scars from battling
Love itself.

But it is ready now.
More patient.
Reactions swell like
rich ocean waves
only to crash and collect
back into the sea.
My heart now knows
the pattern of passing fear
and remains free; unarmed.

Oh what freedom there is in
love, knowing now
it needs nothing in return,
is bound only be its own intentional
propensity to feel.
This heart is committed to you
without expectation,
without conditions.
It knows that your love
is not the same as its own,
and does not search yours
to lend it purpose.

My heart is committed to you
in its honest,
sweetly simple
commitment to love itself.

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