Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hold me {poem}

Hold me.
Wrap your thick,
capable arms around me
and without words 
ask me not to leave.
Gather me in you
to remember how safe it is here.
A fire prepared to combust at the whisper
of breathe into a 
neglected contour of skin. 

Hold my gaze
and you'll see even more to feel;
flickering specs of affirmation.
I see you.
See me.
Look for what you know
yet stay intimately curious
at all that unravels in
tender observation.

Hold space for me.
Let me react. 
Let me thrash with passion and 
cry with want--
softened by your patience
as I try to move from my mind to my heart
and trust that there is no rush
in loving you.

Hold back,
just for a moment.
Collect all that you touch
all that you see
and all that you can admit to want.
Sit with it.
Be provoked.
Be called to feel.
As I learn how to love you,
learn how to receive it.
Take in love not as you
know it to be,
but as it is for us.
And fearlessly hold more tightly
to it.

As published on Elephant Journal:

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