Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nows the time

The season is coming to an end at the Grapevine. Though I am sad, I think of all the time I will have to make what I want to make, to teach myself, to practice, to put in effort. To eat a proper lunch. I look forward to days spent in my kitchen whiling away the time with dishes I have long wanted to try my hand at: souffles, doughnuts, sourdough bread, perogies; to not having to plan ahead so that I dont end up eating the same pasta all week long, to being able to really think about what I want for dinner at that minute and having the time to make it happen. I will surely be on my feet just as often, and may take to wearing my slip-and-stab-proofs in my home kitchen.
On my days off throughout the season, I would get excited, and plan what I was going to fill my day with making. Especially breakfast. Porridge would be set aside in favour of French toast or an omelette. Id bake scones or whip up crepes, and take hours to eat it, drinking way too much coffee. Then the rest of the day would be spent thinking about dinner and eventually making it too. Risotto and homemade pasta were saved for those days, and any new recipes that I have wanted to try. But with the prospect of many days off, and a sudden desire, with school approaching, to expand my knowledge and abilities (easy to neglect when you are very frustrated with the industry on a day to work day basis) I long to try new things, not just take time with my old faves; to try out classics, and maybe learn some of those French terms in the meantime. So heres to new cooking adventures and eating to pass the time--if only I could count these hours towards my apprenticeship. Or get paid still...

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