Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Promise Post

Hi. Its been awhile. So long that it has got to the point that I have so much I want to share that I don't know where to begin. Kind of like when you cant decide what movie to watch because there are so many hot new releases (as they call them in the arts section of most newspapers) you have yet to see, that you end up staying home and watching one you have seen before--an old favorite, reliable and satisfying. Or when you are terribly hungry and you have a fridge full of goodness, but cooking time puts you at risk of your stomach eating itself, so you have cornflakes--an old favorite, reliable and satisfying. That's what this post is: a big bowl of cornflakes while watching Ferris Bueller: an old favorite, reliable and satisfying...at least for me. (actually, for me the movie would be Before Sunset, but I wasn't sure if the reference would catch. Definately cornflakes, though.)

It is that familiar "promise post" telling of other posts to come, full of witticisms and photos and food. They are coming. I promise. I've promised this before, and likely will again, with a few timely pieces in between.

We will talk soon.
I promise.

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