Thursday, August 2, 2012


Some people have pets. A dog with a human name, a cat with an oxymoronic name (the quite vicious "snuggles"), fish, birds, the odd ferret, and the worst: hampsters...undeserving of a name (sorry hampster owners/lovers, they are too much like mice for this gal to lend a little love). I, however, have no pets...only pet peeves.

Granted, i am not allowed pets in my little bachelor suite, otherwise i would have a dog of the rather large--and yes, human named,--sort. This is a side note. On with the idea...:

It has recently, and remindedly (not a real word, but you get it?) been noted to me that i have a number of pet peeves. "blah blah blah is one of my greatest pet peeves" is now met with either a smirk, a pronounced monosyllabic laugh, or a far-to-verbal "oh boy another one, lets here it tiffer." This has given me a bit of a complex about sharing what annoys me...though not enough of one to be verbally and poignantly annoyed. So here we go then, a few of my pet peeves:

- pedestrians/cyclist who pedestrian/cycle on the wrong side of the road. On foot: against traffic. On two wheels: with traffic. It is not difficult.
- any abolition of the classic list your ma may have hung in the house your grew up in, usually handpainted on wood canvas: "if you drop it, pick it up; if you open it, close it; if you empty it, fill it back up"...and so on
- people who drive below or directly at the speed limit.

There are more--quite a few actually--but i would like you to still like me at the end of this post.

Speaking of the end of this post, i am not entirely sure where i was going with this. I think i was going to tell you my greatest Greatest pet peeve, but since there are so many to choose from, i hardly recall what i had narrowed it down to...

Sorry about the irrelevancy here.

To tie it all up, I would name my dog of the rather large sorts Walter, or Jeremiah. Or Gnocchi, but that is not a human name at all, which is, again, irrelevant.

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