Wednesday, June 13, 2012

what i will say

Most often, when i have not written here in awhile, i have half written and left unpublished to finish when i have either more time or less wine, more than several posts. Such a habit was the reason for a promise i made a while ago ( it would be dishonest to assure that my end of the bargain--the only end, that is--has been completely upheld; though i finished several posts in a row, there remains a few scattered thoughts from that time...). This habit holds strong: tonight i half wrote a personal record of four posts. Will i get to them anytime soon? Will you get to read them while they still hold relevancy to me? Considering i still have point form almost posts from the first month i started writing here...hmmmm. I apologize for this tendency, this lack of dedication (or rather, dedication to too much wine with too little time--added to too many thoughts and ideas and not enough, actually, dedication), and general absence from what could be a larger part of me.
Lately i have been trying at best to make more time for, well, me. This means getting in my run, my yoga practice, sitting down to eat breakfast, socializing beyond work and half-written-good-intentions-for-communication, sleeping. And writing here is a large part of me, no matter how concealed that large part is.
So please bear with me, lend encouragement, and continue reading--when there is something completed to read, that is). Maybe then there will be four "brand new" fully finished and published posts to read. Until then, at least i finished this one (and it is not for lack of wine...).

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