Sunday, April 22, 2012

inadvertantly earth day

i did not know today was earth day. And i have been waiting for earth day. It is my second favorite holiday after thanksgiving. Granted, it is not technically a holiday--no time and half pay if you worked today--but it is a cause for celebration, which, by definition, most all other holidays are.
So how does one "celebrate" earth day? Ride your bike to work? Mow the lawn? Climb a tree? Plant a tree? Drink some wine so you can bring the bottles to the recycling depot? All of the above. Like most all other holidays, though, earth day is best celebrated with food.

Despite not knowing how special today was, my dinner fit in quite perfectly. There was first of the season halibut with mushrooms i had dried last season. The mushrooms were rehydrated and cooked with wintered over leeks and new this year spring onions from yesterdays farmers market, and i ate it all with tiny little black lentils, also from the market. Pretty earthy.

Happy belated day, pretty earth.

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