Thursday, February 4, 2010

pancake person

Despite loving the early mornings, and despising sleeping in, i am a compulsive snooze hitter. This means that when my alarm goes off in the morning, i hit snooze and roll over at least six times. It seems silly really, i should just set my alarm for forty minutes later and get up at the first annoying beep. But i have a feeling that i would still hit snooze six times and just be forty minutes late instead. So i surrender to the habit. Except this morning, when I did not hit snooze, instead I simply turned off the alarm. Three hours later I woke up, well rested for once; I guess my body needed it...

Now when you wake up that late, there are two things you can do:

1. Panic

2. Make a great breakfast

Since I had no where to go (or worse, no where I was supposed to already be), i chose the latter and made pancakes.

And while i ate said pancakes, i thought about how much of a pancake person i am. Given the choice between french toast, waffles, crepes, or pancakes, i choose pancakes. There is something inherently simple about them, childlike i suppose. French toast is something i need an appetite for--its pretty rich; crepes a bit finicky, and i need alot of them to curb my appetite; since i prefer yeast raised waffles, they require planning ahead, making ahead in the late evening, not impulsively in the late morning. Pancakes are just right.

I may be a snoozer, and normally a morning panicker for it, but today, as a pancake person, it was just another wonderful "morning."

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