Wednesday, November 4, 2009

camera happy

I know this site is pretty sparse when it comes to photos, and I really have no excuse because I sure take enough of them. Or at least I did. My photo taking has been on hiatus for the last week as my camera was stolen from my car (i know, what the heck was I thinking leaving it in there in the first place? Again, me without an excuse). Since then its been kinda lonely without it, and frusterating with food looking particularly photogenic and the sun actually out these days, the colors of fall mockingly alive, the lake glistening. Yesterday I couldnt take it anymore, I needed a camera in my hands, and here it is: a Nikon d5000.
Now I am not going to pretend to know much about cameras or even how to work them; all I know is this is an upgrade from my last one (a SONY something, nice, but not an SLR. It did all of the work for me). I am a beginner photographer by all definitions and comparisons, but I love the art, and often see things as photographs. So once I have figured out how to work this baby (and then some) I hope to share a little more of what I capture, and make this place a prettier place to visit. Off to learn and play now!

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